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Hundreds of protesters gathered at Anderton Park Primary School last month

A court trial will be held over whether protests can be held outside a Birmingham primary school.

Parents had been gathering at Anderton Park Primary School over concerns children were “too young” to learn about LGBT relationships.

A temporary injunction was put in place to prevent protests from being held directly outside the school.

A High Court judge ruled a trial would take place next month to decide if the injunction can remain in place.

The trial is scheduled to take place between 22 and 31 July and set to last two to three days.

The protests have been taking place for weeks, with parents saying they are concerned the lessons are not “age appropriate” and they contradict Islam.

The High Court injunction has been in place since 31 May, banning protests outside the school, which had to close early before half-term due to escalating action.

The council said it sought the action after the risk to children became “too serious to tolerate”.

But protests have continued and, on Friday, parents held their first demonstration since it was brought in, where about 40 people gathered outside the exclusion zone on an area of grass about 100m from the school.

Speaking about the injunction on BBC Radio 4 ahead of the hearing, ex-chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal, who was brought in to mediate the situation, said: “For the last several weeks now it has been torture for those at that school, working at that school, and [the injunction] is giving the school the breathing space to carry on the conversations it is having that will resolve this dispute.”

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