The Switch Lite is a smaller, lighter version of the regular Switch

Nintendo have just revealed a smaller, cheaper version of the Switch console called the Lite.

The new mini console will be released on 20 September later this year.

The guide price in the UK is £199 , so that’s nearly £80 cheaper than the standard Switch console .

So how different is it really? Let’s take a look.

Handheld only


The Switch Lite cannot be docked to play on TV

Yoshiaki Koizumi who is the General Producer of the Nintendo Switch explained in a reveal video, that the Switch Lite cannot be docked into the TV like the previous version.

This smaller console is only meant to be used as a handheld device and does not come with a dock.

No joycon sticks


The joy con controllers are built into the Switch Lite and cannot be removed

Yoshiaki also revealed that the Lite would not have the usual joycon motion controllers, which can be clicked on or off the sides depending on how players are using it.

Instead the directional buttons would be built into the console.

A big result of this is that the HD rumble vibration feature isn’t available on this console.

Tiny but mighty!


The battery life is still the same as the regular switch, despite it being smaller

The new console is smaller and lighter than the previous Switch.

It is 10cm smaller, and 30cm shorter.

It is also a lot lighter than the regular Switch console weighing just 275g instead of 398g (when the standard Switch has the joycon controllers attatched).

Although it might be smaller than its Switch sibling, the Lite is still pretty powerful and its battery life is the same.

The makers will hope that the smaller size and weight might make it better for children’s hands and backpacks.

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